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          A-Tech Fabricationspecializes in building high-performance computer systems for many industries around the world. Our unique designs solve problems for which off-the-shelf solutions cannot provide. We can customize ourstandard units or design completely new systems to customer specifications.

          Some of the custom services we offer include:

          • Clean sheet of paper design for customer products
          • Modification of our existing products to meet customer specifications
          • Cooling solutions for any type of motherboard or processor
          • Cooling solutions for any type of PCIe card or adapter
          • Cooling solutions for proprietary components and assemblies
          • Thermal analysis of existing cooling systems
          • Custom rear panels and faceplates for our existing chassis designs
          • Adding additional ports to our faceplates and rear panels (USB,XLR, Power Input, etc.)
          • Breakout panels for custom connection interfaces and cables
          • Custom internal and external cables (shielded, non-shielded)
          • Branding products with logos and artwork utilizing CNC machining, laser-etch, or silkscreen
          • Labeling of ports and connectors for identification
          • Custom color schemes (anodizing, powder-coating, plating)

          There really is nothing that we can't do, so contact us and we can help you design a new product or improve your existing products. Since we engineer, design, and manufacture everything in-house, we can produce new designs from the ground up very quickly in small and large quantities.

          HeatSync 7000 - Silent, Fanless ATX high performance computer
          The HeatSync 7000 is our largest, highest-performance enclosure featuring our proprietary HeatSync cooling technology. Choose from a long list of options to customize a system to meet your needs.

          HeatSync 2800HP - Silent, Fanless High-Performance HTPC
          Our highest performance, low-profile, fanless HTPC ever! With a 75% increased thermal capacity over our 2500, you can run high power processors utilizing our solid-state HeatSync Cooling System.

          HeatSync Mini-Client 2500 -Silent, Fanless, Low-profile computer

          Our classic Low-profile HTPC case with integrated HeatSync Cooling System. Choose from a longlist of standard options or have us custom design features to meet your needs.

          HeatSync 300 Micro-Client -Compact, Silent, Fanless computer
          Ultra-compact high-performance HeatSync 300 is designed for the new generation of mini-ITX motherboards. Totally silent operation featuring our proprietary HeatSynccooling technology.

          Mass Storage 2500 -Silent, Fanless Hard Drive Storage case
          Our beautiful Mass Storage 2500 is a perfect match to our HeatSync 2500 or HeatSync 7000 cases. Holds four 3.5" or eight 2.5" drives and features built-in hardware RAID with eSATA, or direct connect with multilane or SAS cable.

          HeatSync NAS-8x 2.5 Series -Silent, Fanless NAS 8-drive enclosure

          Compact and silent our HeatSync NAS-8x 2.5 Series chassis holds up to nine 2.5" HDD's utilizing a mini-ITX motherboard with PCIe slot for hardware RAID and Gigabit Ethernet

          Mass-Storage 4x - Silent, Fanless 4-drive hard drive staorge enclosure
          Silent, heavy-duty, isolated hard drive enclosure. Slim 1U rack mount faceplate avaiable for high-density storage. Easy way to add storage to your data or media system. New design features SAS connections and holds either four 3.5" hard drives or eight 2.5" HDD's or SSD's.

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